Frequently asked Questions

Since it is a theme-based Ideathon with pre-decided problems up for solutions, many JITO Projects/initiatives, JIIF problem areas, Challenges faced by Companies of JITO Members will get benefited by getting innovative solutions to their respective ongoing issues/problems:

However, any business ideas are eligible (whether for profit, ‘social’ businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.). Both, tech and non- tech companies are eligible to pitch.

Depending on the number of ideas pitched and the schedule, you may or may not be able to pitch multiple ideas. Prioritize your ideas: pitch your best idea.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship the answer is most likely yes. Ideathon, attendee backgrounds will be from all backgrounds (developers, coders, designers, marketing, finance, law). Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, if you are motivated to build a product or startup and open to new ideas you’ll fit right in.

Apart from Organizers, selected Coaches, Speakers, and press, everyone who attends the event is expected to participate all 2 days. This is important not only to preserve the ‘vibe’ of the weekend (“no talk, all action”) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for working teams.

No. You need to pay online only.

Everyone who attends the event as an attendee may or may not have a team. If you don’t have a team, teams will be formed there. If you have a team, you can perform in your own team as well.

Wifi, notepads & pens will be provided.

Attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation and lodging (if needed). If you are traveling and unfamiliar with the location, reach out to us to ask for nearby recommendations. Alternatively, you can work from JITO Incubation Centre, Andheri East with prior permission from JIIF, if granted

No, you just need to fill the application form and after all the screening of your ideas, selection will be done. “Wannapreneurs’ registration who don’t have any idea but are keen to be entrepreneurs can also apply.

The first cut will be announced before 11th March 2019 and final team will be formed by 13th March 2019.

  • Laptop
  • Power cord
  • Business cards (if any)
  • Power bank

     And anything else that you may need (samples, demos etc)

  • Do some research. Market research and background information will give you a better understanding of the problem your trying to solve.
  • Practice your pitch. You’ll have 60 seconds to persuade other attendees to join your team. Make it clear, concise, and convincing!
  • Bring a friend! Events are better with good company.

No refunds. Though you can replace yourself with some other eligible candidate before 12th march. Please confirm the replacement before 12th march

While there are no specific requirements in terms of what teams should have accomplished by last day of Hackathon, it’s in your best interest to plan your execution around what you’ll be judged for on the final day:

  • Customer Validation (Did you vet your idea/business?)
  • Execution and Design (What did you build?)
  • Business Model (Do you have a plan for the future?)

As far as presenting goes, some of the most common presentations include any combination of the following (in no particular order):

  • Wireframes or fully developed website;
  • Mobile Apps (from mock-ups to skeletons to fully functional)
  • Slide decks (PowerPoints, Keynote, Prezi, etc.)
  • Videos (i.e. product demonstrations, etc.)
  • Live product demos

Write to us at jic@jitojiif.com or call at 022-49725098/99

For more info about JIIF log on to https://jitojiif.com