JITO UDAAN will be India’s biggest Jain B2B Conclave organized by the Jain International Trade Organisation. It is conceptualized to achieve one of the prime objective of JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) viz. Economic Empowerment (Aarthik Sudhradhata) of our Jain Community people based on the principle of Sadharmik Bhakti and how one Jain can network with other Jain to grow his financial strength network and brand image. The event will spread over 2 Lakhs Sq. Ft. area at NESCO Goregaon & we except minimum footfall of around 50,000+ people.

JIIF (JITO Incubation & Innovation Foundation) is a wholly owned subsidiary of JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) offering a complete Startup Ecosystem for Economic Empowerment:

  1. Incubation Program
  2. Angel Funding
  3. AIF (Category 2) of INR 100 Crores

Z Nation Lab is nurturing startup founders to build scalable and sustainable business models to make future Unicorns. Our platform focuses on people, process and network that is inclined towards creating a clear path and be a catalyst to startup success. Through this Ideathon, we are looking for innovative ideas that can resolve the pressing issues stated above and bring a revolution that can improve overall business productivity and solve community issues.